Rain Guardian

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Stormwater Pretreatment Structure

  • Rain Guardian dual installation for stormwater pretreatment
  • Rain Guardian Turret for stormwater pretreatment
  • Rain Guardian turret in action
  • Foxhole Configuration for Pretreatment for Commercial and Pedestrian Applications
  • Rain Guardian Bunker System for Residential Applications
  • Up close view of Bunker Configuration
  • Rain Guardian Turret Installation
  • The turret configuration

The Rain Guardian is an effective stormwater pretreatment structure that works well in bioretention, rain garden, vegetated BMP, and other related systems (for both retrofits and new construction). These pretreatment devices are often used in urban curbline applications that lack the space for standard sediment forebays. Multiple configurations are available to meet both commercial and residential needs with all configurations including a grate, filter and chamber combination with overflow points to prevent inlet debris from causing bypass before the system reaches capacity.

Unlike other pretreatment systems, Rain Guardians are very maintenance-friendly and visual inspections can be completed. Sediment can easily be removed from the chamber by shovel and the drop-in filter can be cleaned with a broom or hose.

Configurations include (additional information and graphics showing configurations can be found in the Rain Guardian brochure):

  • Rain Guardian Turret: designed for commercial applications with no sidewalk present
  • Rain Guardian Foxhole: designed for commercial applications where sidewalk is present
  • Rain Guardian Bunker: designed for residential applications
  • Maximizes capacity and extends the life of bioretention systems
  • Maintenance is simple – only requires a shovel and a broom or hose
  • Installation is quick – placement and securing takes minutes
  • System helps eliminate bypass and sediment build-up, protecting surrounding vegetation
  • Works well with new construction, retrofits and in tight urban spaces
  • Visual inspections of accumulated sediment depth can be easily completed
  • Multiple configurations available for both commercial and residential needs
  • Foxhole unit easily supports pedestrian and bike passage (rated for concentrated loads of up to 11,200 lbs)

Why is Pretreatment Important?

Pretreatment is a critical component in a variety of stormwater systems (like FocalPoint). Without a pretreatment system, high quantities of sediment, trash and debris is likely to clog the system and cause the need for expensive repairs.

Video Showcasing the Rain Guardian Configurations: