PowerBLOCK Permeable Pavers

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PowerBLOCK - Permeable Paver

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  • Reduce ponding and flooding with a permeable paver like PowerBlock
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PowerBLOCK permeable pavement is a high-performance permeable paving system with surface infiltration rates over 1,000 inches per hour, 5x higher than most other systems. Equally impressive, when clogged, PowerBlock still flows at rates of 100 inches per hour when 90% clogged, where other brand new competing systems start. These 4.5″ tall durable pavers interlock and use open joints which require minimal maintenance compared to traditional paver joints that must be filled in with stone after every installation and every time they are vacuumed. As these pavers are usually installed over stone, stormwater storage requirements can also be met. Ask our team for more detail on how this system can provide a permeable paving solution while meeting stormwater storage requirements.