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  • Filtration Chamber Installation
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Cartridge Vaults

StormSafe Cartridge Vaults are ideal for central drainage areas that require stormwater treatment beyond simple pollutants and trash removal. This filter technology is ideal for parking areas, storage areas and maintenance yards that have high concentrations of heavy metals and oil/grease loads.

Stormwater runoff enters the cartridge vaults through the pre-treatment chamber where the heaviest sediments begin to separate from the water and drop to the bottom. The pre-treatment filtration chamber is equipped with a full length hood to filter out floating trash, debris and oil/grease. This simple process protects the filter cartridges – extending their service life and allowing optimum treatment flow rates. Water leaving the pre-treatment chamber enters the filtration chamber where it is filtered through cartridges, then the treated water flows directly into the outlet chamber where it exits the treatment process.

– 1: Pre-treatment Chamber – Untreated water enters the StormSafe here

– 2: Filtration Chamber – Contains the filter cartridges

– 3: Outlet Chamber – Located behind the pre-treatment and filtration chambers, the outlet chamber contains the outfall pipe

– Inlet bay

– Sediment forebay traps sediments and debris before filter

– Oil/Water/Debris separator retains coarse debris in the sediment chamber

– Filter chamber utilizes multiple filter cartridges to provide effective treatment up to the rated flow rate

– Separate overflow provides a hydraulic bypass

– Outlet bay



Down Spout Filter




Trash Guard Hood