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Permanent Inlet Protection / Stormwater Filtration

  • Inlet protection filter bag full of sediment
  • Gratemaster with strips for hydrocarbons
  • Gratemaster bag for permanent inlet protection
  • Gratemaster bag with adjustible aluminum frame

Gratemaster is a reusable catch basin insert with an adjustable frame allowing for installation flexibility. This proven device protects the drainage system from sediment and debris both during and post construction. The high-flow filter snaps in and out easily simplifying maintenance. In cases where hydrocarbons are a concern, X-TEX strips can be attached to the unit to absorb the pollutants as stormwater passes through the device.

– Easy installation

– Adjustable frame

– Strong, lightweight and portable

– Designed for post construction use

– Proven and reliable performance

– Reusable and easy to clean

– High visibility and added jobsite safety