EGRP Stormwater Infiltration System

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Energy-Passive Groundwater Recharge (EGRP) System

  • EGRP product for stormwater infiltration
  • EGRP installation to help with stormwater infiltration

EGRP is an engineered system designed to restore stormwater infiltration capacity in poor soils (C & D), maximizing groundwater recharge and runoff reduction to meet water quality requirements and mitigate peak flows from developed sites.

The devices are installed in a sub-surface network surrounding permeable stormwater storage areas. By creating flow paths between soil layers and restoring moisture content to the soils, stormwater infiltration capacities can be improved by a factor of 5 to 10 times the existing rates. Designed and constructed with a performance warranty that guarantees the results, EGRP works well with ponds, bioretention systems, R-Tank, and other subsurface storage systems.

– Increases infiltration

– Helps meet water quality requirements

– 10 year performance warranty

– 25 year product warranty

– Low maintenance costs

– Eliminates standing water problems

– Works with any permeable stormwater
storage system

– Pair with green infrastructure to maximize

– Recharges aquifers