Mud Mats

Unroll this amazing new product and drive on any muddy, swampy ground without getting stuck, rutting or tracking mud off site. Mud Mats consist of pocketed, double-wall, high-strength fabric with high tensile reinforcing ribs confined within each sleeve which allows for easy deployment and amazing structural stability. Mats connect together to form custom sizes. Ground pressure from vehicle tires is reduced up to 40x causing minimal ground disturbance.

Each mat is made up of a double layer of high strength woven fabric that is stitched in such a way to encapsulate the reinforcing members that run perpendicular to the direction of traffic. These reinforcing ribs are secured individually within each pocket. There are approx. 24-26 pockets that each holds 1 bamboo post of approx. 2” diameter. This combination of reinforcing member and confining fabric result in a portable mat that can be rolled up for transport and ease of deployment.

Mud Mats can be used in construction site access, agriculture, golf & parks, other soft or sensitive ground condition areas where vehicle access is required.

– Easy to Deploy

– Alternative to Rock

– Protects Turf

– Allows Site Access

– Residential Construction

On October 24, 2015, ESPN’s College Gameday rolled into Harrisonburg, Virginia for James Madison University’s football game against the University of Richmond. JMU needed a way for the College Gameday’s multiple 18-wheelers to drive up onto their quad where the show was going to be held. With the quad’s soft soil, the school worried that the trucks were going to sink in and get stuck, and they would tear up the field.

ACF was there to help. JMU was notified just days before their big game that College Gameday would be coming to town. The school needed a solution that was going to be fast and low priced. Our warehouse in Harrisonburg was able to process the order quickly and provide Mud Mats that were perfect for the job.

The Mud Mats are great for a wide variety of projects. From College campus preservation to construction sites, ACF’s Mud Mats are a great product for a low price.





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