GEOWEB® Geocells

GEOWEB® Geocells

GEOWEB® geocells confine and stabilize infill to solve soil stabilization challenges for slopes, channels, shorelines, access roads, permeable pavement, retaining walls and more. It can help solve a variety of environmental issues including:

  • preventing erosion on channel slopes exposed to intermittent and continuous flows
  • protecting geomembranes on containment ponds, dams and landfills
  • providing load support

Topsoil, aggregate or concrete infill may be used.

Available Resources:
– A quick and easy CSI specification tool, SPECMaker®
Free Project Evaluation service
MSE GEOWEB Retaining Wall Design Software

Geoweb Retaining Walls are structurally-stable, low-impact development structures that perform well even with poor base conditions. Geoweb walls allow you to design naturally vegetated walls that reduce stormwater runoff and help meet green building goals. Geoweb Wall options include steepened slopes, gravity walls, reinforced walls, and multi-layered channel systems. MSE Wall Design software is available.

– Reinforcement of steep slopes and retaining walls for stability and erosion prevention
– Design of geocell MSE vegetated retaining walls (reinforced & gravity)
– Stabilization of ditches and storm water channels
– Protection of geomembranes for ponds and landfills
– Unpaved roads and road base reinforcement – helpful for emergency vehicles, maintenance vehicles, utility vehicles and golf carts
– Complete geocell solution includes design and construction accessories
– Stabilization and reinforcement of roads and slopes