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Trash Rack

  • Powder Coated Trash Rack Stormwater Filtration
  • Turret Trash Rack Filtration Cage
  • Aluminum Trash Rack

Stormwater Filtration Cage

Trash Rack is a sturdy cage-like stormwater filtration structure that keeps large debris and trash out of stormwater systems and waterways. These aluminum structures play a critical role in protecting stormwater systems by preventing debris and trash from clogging them and causing avoidable flooding.  

The fabricated structures are made from aircraft-grade corrosion resistant aluminum alloy to ensure product longevity, strength, and safety. Custom shapes, sizes and powder coating are available. Lockable access hatches come standard on most units.

The structures are easy to install – little equipment is required due to the lightweight design and pre-drilled holes. Maintenance is also a breeze as trash will accumulate in one centralized location.

–  Easy to install

–  Simplified maintenance

–  Protects stormwater systems

–  Crafted from aircraft-grade corrosion resistant aluminum alloy

– Lockable access hatch

– Custom sizes and powder-coated options available






Down Spout Filter