Down Spout Filter

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Filter for Rooftop Runoff

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The Down Spout Filter is designed to treat particulates and soluble pollutants contained in stormwater runoff from roof tops.

Water can react with metal roofs, metal components or metallic roof-mounted equipment. As a result, this can release soluble metals, such as zinc, copper, lead and aluminum into the water supply. Additionally, animal waste and particulate from industrial activities can collect on roofs and contribute to polluted runoff. By using the down spout filter, local bodies of water can be protected from contamination.

– Heavy metals (Zn, Cu, AI)

– PAHs

– Pesticides

– Particulate from vehicle exhaust

– Chemicals used in waterproofing and weathering treatments

– Municipal: maintenance/storage buildings, yards, offices

– Commercial/retail buildings

– Roof tops at scrap metal, solid waste, and power plants

– Home owners

– Easily replaceable lightweight filter cartridges customized for targeted pollutants

– large freestanding filter enclosure offers multiple installation & mounting options

– Constructed from high strength, exterior grade Polyethylene material (nominal¼” wall thickness) with an aluminum internal support frame

– Aluminum cartridge mounting plates provide “Twist-Lock” retention and a tight seal

– Built in high flow bypass is capable of passing large storm events

– Internal water/debris collection tub is lined with a seamless, flexible rubber membrane to prevent long-term leakage issues due to material degradation or thermal expansion due to temperature changes