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Below Grate Stormdrain Filter

  • Storm drain filter bag

The EconoSack drop inlet filter is a lightweight, construction phase, device used to filter fine sediments, construction debris, and other pollutants out of stormwater. The EconoSack unit is built with strength in mind, utilizing high quality woven geotextile and heavy-duty straps to catch and secure all of your construction related sediment and debris. The sack is also unobtrusive, as it latches to and hangs below the grate.

– Heavy duty straps allow for easy installation and maintenance
– Unobtrusive design – hangs underneath the grate
– Available in multiple sizes to fit a variety of different grate sizes (2’x2′, 2’x3′, 2’x4′)
– Keeps trash, sediment, and debris out of stormwater systems
– Economical solution to protect storm drains

The installation of the EconoSack is easy and involves removing the grate, cleaning the edges, fitting the bag and straps around the grate, and then lowering the grate back down into the catch basin. To see a video of EconoSack being installed, watch the video below:

To maintain full functionality and to prevent hazardous roadway conditions, EconoSack should be closely monitored and cleaned at specified intervals for sediment, trash, and debris buildup. Additionally, this drop inlet filter should be checked during and after heavy storms to prevent stormwater ponding. It is good practice to check the device daily and perform maintenance when the sack is one-third of the way full. Overfilling the sack can lead to torn straps and release of all captured materials into the storm drain.