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Catch Basin Filter

  • stormsack plus filter bag
  • Stormsack round unit
  • added ring to catch hydrocarbons
  • stormsack unit with orange bag
  • stormsack round units with square or round frames
  • rectangular unit with addition to catch hydrocarbons

The StormSack is a durable high-flow catch basin insert designed to filter out pollutants including sediment, trash and debris. It features a woven geotextile filter bag and aluminum frame that are easily dropped into catch basins and adjusted to size.

This catch basin insert is maintenance-friendly, allowing trash and debris to be removed from the unit at street level with a vactor truck or vacuum hose. The HDPE mesh liner helps protect the bag from tearing during maintenance.

– Multiple frame and bag depths available

– Patented / adjustable aluminum flange

– Designed for flat, combination and open curb drain inlets

– Hydrocarbon treatment capability

– Replaceable filter bags have a HDPE mesh liner for filter bag protection during maintenance activities

– Covered bypass retains trash during extreme rain events

– Lifting tabs allow for an easier solution when the bag requires removal

– Municipal storm drain retrofits

– Commercial, retail and residential construction

– Trash prone areas like sidewalks, parks and water front areas

– Scrap metal yards

– Transfer stations

– Storage facilities

– Pre-treatment for filtering vaults

– Green infrastructure

– Stormwater compliance

– Trash TMDLs

– Industrial Multi-Sector General Permits

– Muncipal Stormwater Permits

– Construction Stormwater Permits