RockIn Filter

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High-Flow Geosynthetic Curb Inlet Filter

  • Easy Installation Curb Inlet FIlter
  • Easy Fill Curb Inlet Filter
  • Curb Inlet High Flow Geosynthetic Fabric

The RockIn Filter is a high flow geosynthetic curb inlet filter. The filter is 6′ long with a 9″ diameter and delivers to your job site ready to fill with suitable high flow, high filtration media such as rock or mulch. The innovative design makes installation and maintenance fast and simple. The high flow geotextile is reinforced with heavy duty geosynthetic grid to ensure the unit will last for the duration of the project.


The RockIn filter is quick and easy to install. Simply fill the unit with required stone, seal, and then move the unit into place. Currently, the required fill is #57, #67 or #68 stone or DOT approved mulch. It is important to note that the filters can be filled with any high filtration media. 

– Light-weight design allows for cost-effective delivery

– Lift-handles and Velcro flaps make the device easy to fill and install

– Double-reinforced design ensures unit will last for the duration of project

– High visibility unit allows for easy maintenance inspections


Once the unit is filled and installed, RockIn Filter requires regular inspection to ensure ponding does not develop where the filter is in use. Check the unit before, during, and after heavy rainfall events. To clean the filter, a shovel can be used to clear the surrounding area and a broom should be used to remove sediment on the filter itself.

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