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Composite Particle Sealing System

AquaBlokⓇ sealing and delivery system is easy to install and beneficial for geotechnical applications such as pond construction, landfill liner, wetland restoration and trench dams. It also provides containment and treatment of contamination.

Resembling small stones, AquaBlok is comprised of an aggregate core, clay (or clay-sized materials) and polymers that vary based on the desired application. For freshwater formulations, AquaBlok’s clay component consists mostly of bentonite clay. However, other clay minerals or clay-sized materials can be incorporated to meet project-specific needs. In addition, other parameters (particle size, clay content, etc.) can be modified as needed.

A bentonite coating layer provides a highly impermeable sealant layer for sediment remediation or upland and aquatic sealing applications. Bentonite is well known for its sealing capability, and the bentonite-coated aggregate materials create a low hydraulic conductivity and high solids seal that helps resist erosion.

– Pond construction

– Dam construction (including trench, temporary and diversion dams)

– Flood mitigation

– Slope stabilization

– Landfill liner

– Wetland restoration

– And more…

– Efficient delivery of high-value sodium bentonite at relatively low concentrations

– Improved uniformity and reliable seal in inches rather than feet

– No field mixing or blending required

– Cost-effective handling and installation

The product is available in multiple packaging sizes and options including the following standard options:

– 50 lb pails/bags

– 1.5 ton supersacks

– 20 ton bladder bags

– On-site Production





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