Summit Upflow Filter

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Nutrient Management System

The Summit High-Performance Upflow filter System (Summit HPUF) includes a mix of products to remove nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria and more from stormwater, wastewater and agriculture applications. The system is powered by Bold & Gold® biosorption activated media which is composed of natural materials (clay and sand) and recycled products (tires).

Often, higher water-quality goals and pollutant removal rates are required in areas where standard solutions won’t suffice. This system offers a space-efficient option to meet these difficult goals.

In addition, this product is accepted by Florida Water Management Districts as a filtration BMP. It can be used in BMAPS (Basin Management Action Plans) and is useful in Net Improvement Projects. The Summit Upflow filter has also been integrated into the BMP Trains 2020.

Wetponds: The system is useful as a polishing filter in wetponds and can reduce the wetpond size while increasing treatment effectiveness
Ultra-Urban Developments: This system integrates well with detention, permeable pavement, biofiltration, bioswales, etc. in ultra-urban developments
Non-Infiltrating Areas: The Summit HPUF filter offers filtration and discharge assistance in non-infiltrating areas

– Upflow design reduces clogging and maintenance
– Targets TN, TP, TSS and bacteria
– No leaching of pollutants as it permanently bonds with dissolved nutrients
– Media is non-toxic and non-organic (won’t degrade)
– Designed with longevity and sustainability in mind
– Space efficient footprint