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  • Geoblock modular grass paving
  • Geoblock modular paving with dirt infill
  • Geoblock with grown in vegetation

The Geoblock porous pavement system is the ultimate turf protection system for occasional pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Surfaces using this system are constructed from high-strength, interlocking blocks, infilled with topsoil and seeded or sodded to create a vegetated pavement. An eco-friendly option, this system can contribute to green building credits for recycled material content, reducing stormwater runoff and reducing heat island effect. Common applications include emergency/utility access lanes, parking areas, golf cart pathways and trails/walkways.

The Geoblock system is designed for easy installation requiring less site preparation, less sub-grade improvement, less excavation and less structural base than other porous pavement systems. These units are easily installed around obstructions and contours, and can be cut with ordinary hand or power tools. Irrigation systems can be easily integrated in the system. The units’ large, easy-to-handle size minimizes the quantity of blocks required on a given job, reducing labor and installation costs.

–  High Permeability

  • Increases groundwater recharge and decreases surface runoff associated with stormwater discharge from paved areas.
  • Minimizes use of valuable land space and costs associated with requirements for on-site stormwater ponds.

–  Improves Stormwater Quality

  • Increases natural water infiltration and reduces non-point source pollution.

–  Recycles Content

  • Manufactured from up to 97% recycled polyethylene.

–  Provides a Cooler Surface

Reduces the heat island effect related to traditional hard pavements.

–  Improves Aesthetics

• Protects a sustainable vegetated surface or other attractive infill material.