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High Quality Permeable Ground Reinforcement

  • Ecoraster permeable paving system
  • Ecoraster prior to being filled in
  • Ecoraster system example
  • Permeable walking path
  • Reinforced grass area
  • Ecoraster offering load support
  • Ecoraster filled with stone
  • Ecoraster marked for parking

E40 and E50

Ecoraster E40 and E50 guarantees a high quality, hassle-free permeable grass and gravel surface reinforcement for projects of any scale. When it comes to build quality, no short cuts were taken with construction as the product consists of a low density polyethylene (LDPE). Installation is quick and easy as this product is delivered in palatalized 14sf preassembled panels. Whether your project requires an all-around or heavy duty solution, this system is a surface reinforcement solution that you can depend on.


The creative and flexible design of the Bloxx provides an effective permeable ground reinforcement. Its flexible applications allows the blocks to be placed virtually anywhere. Just snap together and drop the blocks in, no need to fill in the gaps. Created from 100% recycled material.


Ecoraster E40, E50, Bloxx Brochure
Bloxx Product Summary Design Table
Ecoraster E50 Spec Sheet
Ecoraster E50 Spec Sheet