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Trash Guard Plus®

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  • stormwater pretreatment device

Stormwater Pretreatment

Trash Guard Plus® is a cost-effective, extensively tested and patented stormwater pretreatment device that captures trash and debris. Due to the unique design, it is able to function well within most underground systems and allow for simpler maintenance processes (lowering the cost of maintenance). A calculator is available to assist design professionals in selecting the correct screen size for their particular project.

It is available in three screen sizes for in-place or newly formed catch-basins that utilize discharge pipes of 24 inches or less in diameter. Each screen can be adjusted at installation to accommodate low flow stormwater events of 10 cfs or more.

–  Captures debris, sediments and floatables

–  Simple retrofits to existing catch basin

–  Installs without heavy equipment

–  Quick and easy assembly

–  Adjusts to irregular catch basin bottoms and/or walls

–  Eliminates eyesore stormwater trash at public parks, beaches, and waterways

– Removes harmful nutrients and regulated metals