Beehive Overflow Filter

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Overflow Bypass Protection

  • Beehive used for pretreatment
  • Filter bag in Beehive Overflow Filter
  • Beehive overflow filter with lid removed showing trapped debris

Beehive Overflow Filters are often used in rain gardens or with FocalPoint as overflow bypass protection. They are designed to trap floatables like mulch, leaves or trash to prevent it from entering nearby bodies of water or contaminating your system (like an expanded R-Tank infiltration or storage system). These overflow filter devices are beneficial when a stormwater event exceeds the designed Water Quality Volume (WQv) that rain garden or Focalpoint system was designed for. In a way, these simple add-ons are low cost insurance for the system.

  • Easily retrofitted to existing domed overflows
  • No hardware penetrates the structure (unit has expanding ring and does not require mechanical fasteners)
  • Multiple sizes available – ranging from an 8″ diameter to 36″ diameter
  • Two bag heights are available – short 12″ and long 21″ bags
  • Uses a high-flow geotextile to filter water quickly
  • Overflow filter frame is made out of corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware
  • Includes an internal bypass
  • Easily maintained at grade (no confined spaced entry, bag lifts out)
  • Optional oil boom add-on with large diameter units
  • Low-cost add-on to offer enhanced protection and insurance to the system
  • Easy to install