EPEC Revetment System

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3D Cellular Confinement Concrete Revetment System

  • EPEC system installation
  • ACB layer installation
  • ACBs installed over 3D geocells in EPEC system
  • ACBs installed in hard armor system
  • EPEC hard armor system installation - ACB layer
  • 3D geocell layer in EPEC System installation
  • Installation of EPEC System - 3D geocell layer

EPEC is a patented, multi-layer, hard armor revetment system that is used to reinforce and protect surfaces exposed to high water velocities, wave attack, and potential hydraulic jump from super critical flows. This unique engineered system uses a 3D cellular confinement layer and an articulated block layer (ACB) layer that work together to increase hydraulic performance and provide enhanced protection of ground surfaces. Each of these layers are separately known and deployed in various environmental applications, but with the EPEC revetment system, they are deployed together for increased performance and protection.

– Eliminates ACB movement

– Greatly improves system performance and reliability

– Only a marginal increase in cost for a more effective hard armor system

– Better protects against hydraulic jump

– Simpler installation as stone is stabilized  and won’t get displaced

– Enhanced quality assurance – guaranteed stone thickness

– Dam overtopping

– Auxiliary spillways

– Levees

– Diversion berms

– Through testing, it has been demonstrated that stabilizing stone under ACB’s leads to large improvements in hydraulic jump stability (2.5 – 3.5X)

– Compared to similar systems with unconfined drainage layers, EPEC showed the following improvements:

– 250% performance improvement in Factor of Safety (FOS) on a 3:1 slope

– 366% performance improvement in hydraulic jump stability on a 2:1 slope