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Permanent Erosion Control with Patented Earth anchors

  • Patented earth anchor in Armormax system
  • Armormax being installed to provide a vegetative slope stabilization solution
  • Vegetated slope using Armormax
  • Armormax installation
  • Installing a HPTRM with earth anchors

ARMORMAX® is one of the most advanced flexible armoring technologies on the market for severe erosion and surficial slope stability challenges. The system uses patented engineered earth anchors and a high performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) known as Pyramat. Through the use of the anchors, armormax is able to better protect against hydraulic stresses keeping the slope intact.

Common applications Armormax is used for include protecting earthen levees from storm surge and wave over-topping as well as protecting streams, rivers and canal banks from scour and erosion. In addition, this system is ideally suited to protect storm water channels in arid and semi-arid environments where vegetation densities of less than 30% coverage are anticipated. For slope stability applications, the system can be further engineered to provide surficial slope stabilization to resist shallow plane failures.

For a case study of how Armormax was used to replace a bowing timber wall behind an office complex, click here.

To see how the system is installed, watch the video below: