Imagine sitting at your desk at work and glancing out the window to see a tall timber retaining wall system continuing to bow under the pressure of an eroding slope – YIKES! The unsightly and unstable structure was creating an unsafe situation for the tenants of a business complex in the Richmond, VA area and needed to be resolved quickly. Our team worked with the contractor and client on a cost-effective, permanent and aesthetically pleasing solution that would resolve this unsightly and dangerous concern.

After discussion, ARMORMAX was chosen to replace the timber wall to provide much needed slope stabilization due to its advanced flexible earth armoring abilities and the fact that it would offer vegetation growth (something that concrete or rip rap could not provide). In addition, it offered a lengthy lifespan (up to 75 years) and wouldn’t require much maintenance.

The ARMORMAX system is made of a few components that include engineered earth anchors and a high-performance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) known as PYRAMAT. The patented anchors play a key role in this system, as once installed, they help protect against hydraulic stresses to keep the slope intact.

After a smooth installation process, the new vegetative slope is a welcomed change for the office complex occupants. They are looking forward to seeing the lush green vegetation continue to grow outside their windows now that the continued stress of a failing slope has been resolved.

Check out this video below to watch the installation from start to finish:

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