Have you ever walked through a parking lot after a storm and found yourself playing hopscotch to get around puddles and standing water? Parking areas are often required to meet stormwater code requirements that reduce ponding and flooding concerns. While stormwater codes vary from city to city, drainage and adequate filtration of stormwater runoff is often a high priority to ensure pollutants, sediment and trash are not overwhelming storm inlets.

Recently, one of our clients needed assistance meeting stormwater code requirements for a new 16,500 sf parking area. After carefully considering multiple solutions with the client, PowerBlock permeable pavers were chosen for the job due to the specs the system was able to meet and the low maintenance costs. These durable pavers interlock and use open joints which require minimal maintenance compared to traditional paver joints that must be filled in with stone after every installation and every time they are vacuumed. Not to mention, PowerBLOCK has stormwater infiltration rates over 1,000 inches per hour, 5x higher than other systems and still flows at rates of 100” per hour when 90% clogged.

ACF worked with a local GC and Landsaver Environmental (a specialty installation contractor experienced in permeable pavement installations) on the installation. The preparation for the install was relatively straightforward with 19” being dug out before a monofilament geotextile was placed within the hole and topped with 14.5” of stone (leaving 4.5” for the blocks). Once the stone was leveled and fine graded, the blocks were hand placed on the stone with the edges cut to size. To lock in the blocks and finalize the installation, the lot was compacted using plywood over the pavers to ensure no damage was done to the stone.

The durable pavers offer an aesthetically pleasing parking lot with adequate load support for the vehicular traffic in addition to clear rain during major storm events without concern for ponding or flooding. The system meets all the necessary requirements and is providing 0.48 cf/sf in stormwater storage. No puddle hopping here! Take a look at the video below to see the project installation in action.

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